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CESAB à la conférence sfécologie 2018

Sfe2018 2000 smCESAB à la conférence sfecologie 2018

Tuesday 23 17h, inside event, room 1: Dealing with heterogeneous data to improve our knowledge of biodiversity dynamics and ecosystem function: perspectives from synthesis projects.

In this session, current CESAB groups will present how they have overcome some of their cutting-edge data challenges to arrive at new insights and understanding of complex biodiversity questions.

You will hear from:

FunctionalWebs (Regis Cereghino): Dealing with heterogeneous environments; species and trait data to analyse the functional diversity of food webs at multiple spatial scales

ACTIAS (Liliana Ballesteros-Meija): Saturnid and sphingid moths as novel models for the study of insect diversity and macroecology

DISCO-WEED (Guillaume Fried): Integrating weed community assembly rules to agroecosystem sustainability.

FREE (Matthias Grenié): Causes and consequences of functional scarcity from the local to global scale.

GEISHA (Orlane Anneville): Storm impacts on lakes and freshwater systems.

RAATD (Ryan Reisinger): Retrospective Analysis of Antarctic Tracking data (RAATD) to identify areas of ecological significance


WOODIV (Anne-Christine Monnet): Origin and congruence of taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity of the Mediterranean trees

Also at the conference!

Tuesday 23 11h Conservation Biology. Anne-Christine Monnet et al. : Relevance of the multifaceted approach of biodiversity for conservation

Wednesday 24 11h Global changes and Biodiversity. Ryan Reisinger et al. : End-of-century habitat model forecasts suggest potential redistributions of marine predators around the Prince Edward Islands, southern Indian Ocean.

Wednesday 24th at the poster session several CESAB postdocs have a poster: Synthesis and collaborative science in ecology (poster no. 92)

Not to be forgotten, the special symposium co-organised by the FRB at 14h45 on Tuesday: Monitoring biodiversity: the essential biodiversity variables framework.


Nouvelles activités en 2018

CESAB avril 2018 web sm

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Centre de synthèse réunion des fellows postdoctoraux

Centre de synthèse réunion des fellows postdoctoraux

Synthesis Centre postdoctoral fellows have an important role to play: they underpin group performance, particularly in the acquisition and analysis of data in a multi-disciplinary team of collaborators.

In April 2016, postdoctoral fellows from the two synthesis centres in europe, sDiv and CESAB, met for the first time at a workshop at CESAB. Supported by the directors of CESAB and sDiv (Alison Specht and Marten Winter respectively), the postdocs engaged in hackathons, explored career options and skill-sets, and learnt about team dynamics.



Advancing ecology by integrating data across the globe (11 april 2018)

Big Data theatre web 3

with: Bill Michener (DataONE), Simon Hodson (CoData), Donald Hobern (GBIF) et Dirk Schmeller (UFZ)

(in english)

On April 11, 2018 at INRA Auditorium, Rue de l'Université, Paris, Bill Michener (Project Director for Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE)), Simon Hodson (Executive Director of CoData, ICS Committee on Data for Science and Technology Donald Hobern (Executive Secretary of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)), and Dirk Schmeller (Department of Conservation Biology Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research (UFZ)) discussed how science is evolving, on new research and international data and how best to identify, collect and share data that can be rapidly assimilated and used to understand and save our planet.   
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