Centre for the synthesis
and analysis of biodiversity

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a seminar in english

Date: 11th April

Time: 13h - 17h

Location: Paris – INRA amphitheatre, 147 Rue de l’université.

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E.O. Wilson recently noted that “by understanding our planet, we have the opportunity to save it.” Given that 80% of the world’s species have not yet been named and described, we clearly have a long way to go towards understanding life on earth. Such understanding will depend not only upon bold, new research initiatives, but also on new ways of collecting, organizing, integrating, visualizing, and sharing data across disciplines, domains and geographic boundaries.

This seminar provides an opportunity to think about how we develop the databases and knowledge needed to understand our planet. Presentations, followed by a roundtable discussion, will examine: (1) how the science enterprise is changing and how both “old” and “new” data are central to enhancing our knowledge; (2) how data are being integrated globally and across science disciplines to understand and sustain our planet’s ecosystems; (3) how innovative information technology approaches are helping to create new understanding of earth’s biodiversity; and (4) how we transform biodiversity and ecological measurements into information that is actionable by scientists, resource managers and policy-makers.    

Discussions will reflect on how science is changing, emerging international research and data initiatives, and how we can best identify, collect, and share data that can be rapidly assimilated and used to understand and save our planet.

Organisation of the afternoon

Presentations by Bill Michener (DataONE), Simon Hodson (CoData), Donald Hobern (GBIF) and Dirk Schmeller (UFZ) (to find out more about the speakers)

Followed by a round table discussion.

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