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Glossary of terms used in the open data world
This is an introductory guide. It will be augmented periodically.

ECO      Evidence and Conclusion ontology
BFO   Basic Formal Ontology
CYVERSE   Building on the iPlant Collaborative
DwC   DarwinCore, a glossary of specimen terms and definitions as is ABCD, both attached to TDWG
ECO   Evidence and Conclusion ontology
EML   Ecological Metadata Language
EnvO   Environmental Ontology
EQ   Entity, quantity (see PATO)
EOL   Encyclopedia of Life
GBIF   Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GO   Gene Ontology
GSC   Genomic Standards Consortium
INSDC   International Sequence Database Consortium
iRODS   Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System open-source data management software
ISO   International Organisation for Standards
KNB   Knowledge Network for Biodiversity. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/: a data repository
MIGS   The minimum information about a genome sequence (Field et al. 2008).
MixS   Minimum Information about any Sequence Ontology
NCBI   National Center for Biotechnology Information: a data repository
OGC   Open Geospatial Consortium
O&M   Observations and Measurement standards for the OGC
OBI   Ontology for Biomedical Investigation
OBO   Open Biomedical Ontologies, in particular the OBO Foundry
OBO-E   OBO Ontology-Edit facility
OML   Ontology Markup Language
Ontobee   A linked data server designed for ontologies aimed to facilitate ontology data sharing, visualization, query, integration, and analysis
OWL   Web Ontology Language
PATO   Phenotype and Trait Ontology
PCO   Population and Community Ontology
PURL   Persistent uniform resource locator (PURL) is a uniform resource locator (URL) (i.e. location-based uniform resource identifier or URI) that is used to redirect to the location of the requested web resource
SEPIO   Semantic model for the Integration and Analysis of Scientific Evidence
Shibboleth   A standards based, open source software package for web single sign-on across or within organizational boundaries
TDWG   Biodiversity Information Standards, also known as the Taxonomic Databases Working Group
URI/URL   Short strings that identify resources in the web using a variety of naming schemes and access methods such as HTTP, FTP addressable in the same simple way.
XSEDE   Integrates digital resources and services. Supports 16 supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources across the United States of America

Also see: https://www.idigbio.org/wiki/index.php/Glossary_of_Terms