center for synthesis
and analysis of biodiversity

A centre created and developed by the FRB

The selected projects from the call for research proposals are conducted led by groups of a maximum of 14 people. The principal investigator must be a renown scientist working in at a French scientific institution (i.e. research institution, university, ...). He/she can be assisted in its coordinator's role by a co-PI working either in at a French or foreign institution or abroad.

The organisation of the working groups that are usually made of a majority of international researchers, is facilitated by a post-doctoral fellow researcher paid on each project's budget. On average, CESAB funds four projects per year. 


African biodiversity dynamics: interactions between ecological processes and conservation actions
Hervé Fritz - UMR CNRS Lyon 1; Nadia Baelaïdi, Luigi Boitani, Justin Brashares, Ben Collen, Patrick Duncan, Jean-Michel Gaillard, Fabrice Hibert, Souleymane Konate, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Joseph Ogutu, Norman Owen-Smith, Roger Pradel, Daniel Rakotondravony


Biological and ecological functional traits of soil invertebrates. Soil organisms’ response to environmental factors and development of bio-indicators
Mikael Hedde - INRA, Versailles-Grignon; Apolline Auclerc, Mehdi Belkacem, Yvan Capowiez, Jérôme Cortet, Thibaud Decaens, Louis Deharveng, Florence Dubs, Charlène Heiniger, Fabien Grumiaux, Muriel Guernion, Daniel Cluzeau, Sophie Joimel, Johanne Nahmani, Alain Pasquet, Céline Pelosi, Céline Pernin, Benjamin Pey, Jean-François Ponge, Sandrine Salmon, Lucia Santurofo


Disentangling the Linkages between Biodiversity and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Jean-François Guégan - IRD, Montpellier; Benjamin Roche - IRD, Montpellier; Jim Mills - Wildlife Diseases Association; Vanessa Ezenwa; Felicia Keesing; Annapaola Rizzoli; Gwenael Vour’ch; Michel Gauthier-Clerc; Parviez Hosseini; Gerardo Suzan; Simon Blanchet; Xavier Bailly; Gabriel Garcia; Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard - Diversitas; Marco Vignuzzi - Institut Pasteur.


This project is co-financed by the FRB and Diversitas.                       



Plant Functional Diversity of Permanent Grasslands
Philippe Choler - LECA – CNRS et Université de Grenoble; Bernard Amiaud, Guilhem Debarros, Sylvain Diquelou, Sophie Gachet, Eric Garnier, Marianne Gerard, Olivier Gimenez, Claudy Jolivet, Jens Kattge, Servane Lavenant, Sandra Lavorel, Paul Leadley, Olivier Munoz, Jean Olivier, Cyrille Violle, Nicolas Viovy


General Approach to Species-Abundance Relationships in a context of global change, reef fish species as a model
Michel Kulbicki - IRD, Banyuls/mer; Ernesto Arias- Gonzales, David Bellwood, Mariana Bender-Gomes, Pascale Chabanet, Stéphanie D’aggata, Sergio Floeter, Alan Friedlander, Tim McClanahan, Ana McPherson, David Mouillot, Valeriano Parravicini, Derek Tittensor, Laurent Vigliola


Intermittent River Biodiversity Analysis and Synthesis
T. Datry, IRSTEA, Lyon; N. Bonada, C. Dahm, S. Larned, E. Sauquet, K. Tockner
This project is co-financed by the FRB and the ONEMA.


Community Assembly on Remote Islands: Does the Equilibrium Theory Apply?
Christophe Thebaud - CNRS - Université, Paul Sabatier, Toulouse; Brent Emerson, Rosemary Gillespie, Tomislav Hengl, Jonathan Losos, Hélène Morlon, Nicolas Mouquet, Robert Ricklefs, Kenneth Rijsdijk, James Rosindell, Isabel Sanmartin, Daniel Simberloff, Konstantinos Triantis, Ben Warren, Robert Whittaker


How LOcal-scale processes build up the LArge-scale response of Butterflies to global changes: Integrative analysis across Monitoring Schemes
R. Julliard - Muséum national d‘Histoire naturelle, Guy Pe’er, Janne Heliölä, Elisabeth Kühn, Mikko Kuussaari, Leslie Ries, David Roy, Reto Schmucki, Racheli Schwartz-Tzachor, Josef Settele, Constantí Stefanescu, Arco van Strien, Chris van Swaay, Jeremy Thomas.
This project is co-financed by FRB and EDF. edflogo


Strengthening management of agrobiodiversity through social networks. A cross-disciplinary* method for analyzing how local seed systems impact the diversity of domesticated plants
Doyle McKey - Université de Montpellier; Guntra Aistara, Sophie Caillon, Adeline Barnaud, Pascal Clouvel, Kevin Coffey, Oliver Coomes, Marc Delettre, Elisa Demeulenaere, Ludivine Eloy, Laure Emperaire, Eric Garine, Isabelle Goldringer, Devra Jarvis, Christian Leclerc, Selim Louafi, Pierre Martin, François Massol, Shawn Mc Guire, Christine Padoch, Marco Pautasso, Benjavan Rerkasem, Mathieu Thomas, Jean Wencelius


Prioritizing ecologically significant and globally important areas for marine mammal conservation: Synthesizing the best available knowledge to inform management and policy David Kaplan - IRD; Ana Rodrigues - CNRS - CEFE, Montpellier; Trevor Branch, Carsten Dormann, Ben Halpern, Pat Halpin, Jana McPherson, Bob Pressey, Randall R. Reeves, Yann Tremblay, Rob Williams

This project is co-financed by the FRB and the Fondation TOTAL. fondationtotalloge


Research at CESAB aims at assembling a wide range multiplicity of heterogeneous data and/or developing and refining key concepts relevant to the field of biodiversity.

The study of biodiversity constitutes a field of research that often requires the manipulation of large data sets collected in different locations, at different scales, of different variables: species distribution, time series, biological, climatic, socio-economic, remote sensoring data, etc. The answer to certain major questions requires to assemble and combine these heterogeneous data in a consistent set that can be analysed in a robust and replicable manner. Heterogeneity and dispersion of the data are two major locks that limit the analysis and synthesis potential of these data collected in previously uncoordinated studies.

CESAB's research aims at unlocking these barriers to answer scientific key questions in the field of biodiversity.

This Research is conducted at two levels: 


CESAB uses different means to disseminate scientific knowledge:

  • publications: articles and clusters of articles in scientific journals, synthesis works, etc.
  • synthesised data bases from the working groups
  • CESAB staff contributes to the CNRS network "Data bases" (Mission aux Ressources et Compétences Techniques)
  • participation in training and teaching
  • transfer and dissemination of knowledge
  • education activities
  • visibility in various media


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