center for synthesis
and analysis of biodiversity

A centre created and developed by the FRB
Research at CESAB aims at assembling a wide range multiplicity of heterogeneous data and/or developing and refining key concepts relevant to the field of biodiversity.

The study of biodiversity constitutes a field of research that often requires the manipulation of large data sets collected in different locations, at different scales, of different variables: species distribution, time series, biological, climatic, socio-economic, remote sensoring data, etc. The answer to certain major questions requires to assemble and combine these heterogeneous data in a consistent set that can be analysed in a robust and replicable manner. Heterogeneity and dispersion of the data are two major locks that limit the analysis and synthesis potential of these data collected in previously uncoordinated studies.

CESAB's research aims at unlocking these barriers to answer scientific key questions in the field of biodiversity.

This Research is conducted at two levels: 


CESAB uses different means to disseminate scientific knowledge:

  • publications: articles and clusters of articles in scientific journals, synthesis works, etc.
  • synthesised data bases from the working groups
  • CESAB staff contributes to the CNRS network "Data bases" (Mission aux Ressources et Compétences Techniques)
  • participation in training and teaching
  • transfer and dissemination of knowledge
  • education activities
  • visibility in various media