Centre for the synthesis
and analysis of biodiversity

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Using a wealth of knowledge to deal with complex ecological problems.

Sfécologie conference, Marseille, France 24-28 october 2016
CESAB Session Extraordinaire, 26 octobre 2016

At the sfécologie conference in Marseille in October 2016, there was a very interesting session, the first for CESAB, in which 12 CESAB groups presented their work.
The topics presented during this special session focus on some of the many aspects of biodiversity in this troubled era. More than 180 people were involved in the twelve CESAB projects represented here. Each of these projects is, or promises to be, an unrivaled synthesis and collection of information and data that would otherwise be scattered. All of these efforts are important to leverage information treasures to produce new answers to complex ecological questions.




Biodiversity of intermittent rivers: analyses and syntheses


Macro-ecology of species pools: insights from network theory.



Global patterns of insect diversity, distribution and evolutionary distinctness.


The linkages between biodiversity and the transmission of emerging infectious diseases.


How local-scale processes build up the large-scale response of butterflies to global changes.


Feedbacks of a couple of eco-informatics tools for soil invertebrate functional traits : an example of interoperability by semantic data integration.


NETSEED: a cross-disciplinary project to analyse how small farms contribute to global biodiversity.


Community resistance to biological invasions : role of diversity and network structure.



Origin and congruence of taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity in the mediterranean woody flora.


African rainforest dynamics: interactions between ecological processes and conservation actions.


Community assembly on remote islands: does equilibrium theory apply?



Reef fish, newcomers to macro-ecology.